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Jian Qing SHI PhD 
Reader in Statistics


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Gaussian Process Regression Analysis for Functional Data

Jian Qing Shi and Taeryon Choi (Published on July 01, 2011)

Chapman & Hall/CRC Press (also available at Amazon).


Matlab codes are available for some examples. 














Publications  --- Some papers and computer codes are available online

·         Serradilla, J. Shi, J. Q., Cheng, Y., Morgan, G.,  Lambden, C. and Eyre, J. A. (2014). Automatic Assessment of Upper Limb Function During Play of the Action Video Game, Circus Challenge: Validity and Sensitivity to Change. SEGAH 2014. (The best paper winner in the IEEE 3rd International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, held on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 14-16, 2014).

·         Choi, T., Shi, J. Q. and Wang, B. (2011). Bayesian single-index model using a Gaussian process prior.  J. of Nonparametric Statistics. 23, 21-36. (The joint winning paper of the 2011 Best Paper Award for the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics and American Statistical Association Section on Nonparametric Statistics)


Current Research Grant

·         Limbs alive – monitoring of upper limb rehabilitation and recovery after stroke through gaming, Wellcome trust grant on HICF (Health Innovation Challenge Fund, total of 2.1 million pounds, Jan. 2012—Dec.2014, Dr. Shi is the leader of Work Package 1: Data Analysis and Validation) with PI Prof. Janet A Eyre.


Completed Research Grant


Research Fellows


Current Research Students

·         Sara Graziadio, Statistical Analysis for Electrophysiological and Behavioural Data (started in September 2012, joint supervision with Prof. Janet Eyre)  

·         Ayunin Sofro, Multivariate Poisson Regression Analysis for Correlated and Missing Data  (PhD, Started in September 2012, joint supervision with Prof. J N S Matthews)

·         Amal Almohisen, Inverse probability weighting and informative dropout in longitudinal studies (PhD, joint supervision with Prof. R. Henderson, started in June 2011)

·         Yafeng Cheng, Functional latent variable models and applications (PhD, started in July 2011, joint supervision with Prof. Janet Eyre)  


Former Research Students

·         Peng Ying, Local Sensitivity Analysis and Bias Model Selection (Completed in November 2013)

·         Javier Serradilla, Predictive Dynamic Modelling for Next Generation Processing (Completed in April 2012, joint supervision with Prof. A. J Morris (CPACT, SCEAM) and Dr. Z Rawi (BP Refining Technology)

·         Nanxuan Lin Inference and Bias Analysis, Double Misspecification, Meta-Analysis and Other Problems  (completed in June 2010, joint supervision with Prof. R. Henderson)

·         Tim Gang Yi Variable Selection with Penalized Gaussian process regression models (completed in Dec. 2009)

·         Hathaikan Chootrakool Meta-Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis for Selection Bias in Multi-arm Trials (completed in Nov. 2008)  



  • MAS8303 Modern Bayesian Inference Part I
  • CEG2002 Statistics for Civil Engineers Part I


·         Research group leader for ASP (Applied Statistics and Probability)

·         International officer 

·         Associate editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series C)











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