Birgit Koch


Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology
School of Computing Science
Newcastle University

CBCB 3rd floor

Research fellow
Research fellow at Newcastle University's School of Computing Science, UK
Research Fellow at University of Nottingham's Centre for Biomolecular Science, UK
Substitute Assistant Professor at Roskilde University's Department of Science, Systems and Models, Denmark
Research Interests
molecular microbiology, synthetic biology
Principal Investigator
Prof. Natalio Krasnogor


I have an extensive laboratory experience obtained through participation in a number of microbiological projects. The projects have given me experience with molecular microbiology as well as a good general knowledge of bacterial physiology and microbial ecology. I have always found interdisciplinary collaboration inspiring. By joining the I(CO)2S research group I hope I can contribute to the new perspectives gained by synthetic biology.

Back at the University of Nottingham, as part of the EU-project CADMAD, I have worked on the design and test of synthetic DNA libraries in collaboration with computer scientists.

Then I moved with my research group to Newcastle University where I have started a new project. The project involves moving a secretion system from Neisseria gonorrhoeae to E. coli in order to enable E. coli to secrete single stranded DNA.