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Surgical video

Some operations can be difficult to understand from descriptions and often a video can make clear what is being done.

This page will, I hope, ultimately be a small collection of videos of unusual operations performed in children which can be viewed with the aim of increasing understanding.

The videos require windows media player to be installed on your own computer.

Laparoscopic splenectomy
The spleen is usually removed from children who have abnormalities of their blood cells which lead to increased destruction of the cells in the spleen. This casues anaemia and removing the spleen lessens this symptom:
Serial Transverse Enteroplasty, or STEP, was invented by surgeons in Boston as a treatment for children with very little small bowel. The procedure takes advantage of the tendency of the short bowel to dilate and consists of partially dividing the bowel transversely in a series of steps to produce a longer thinner piece of bowel:
Stapled bowel anastamosis for Crohn's disease
Here is a short video showing how bowel is joined together, (or anastamosed as surgeons call it) while using keyhole techniques.

Stapled bowel anastamosis



While there are no identifiable details in these images, the parents of the children undergoing surgery have kindly expressed their willingness to allow these images to be placed on the web.

I am grateful for their co-operation.