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I am a paediatric surgeon and this is my personal web site.

I hope to provide information for parents of my patients to read at home, in their own time.

The views are my own, and I restrict myself to areas where I have practical experience.

The buttons on the left are links to pages where I give advice about the conditions listed.

Each page gives links to some of the clinical research which I have published or presented on the same subject.

Some of the links may be quite technical for a non-medical readership, but I present them for anyone who is interested.

Lastly, there is a button with information about me.

If any part of the web site does not work perfectly, please be patient with me; the site is built and maintained by me, in whatever free time I have, and my primary role is to be a surgeon, not an IT professional.

I have added some streaming video of unusual surgical procedures, which I hope will help understanding of what is involved. You will need windows media player to view these.

In addition to the surgical videos, which I hope to add to soon, I have now provided some links to recent publications, including the outcomes of ACE surgery for constipation in children, and keyhole pouch surgery.

The incidence of complications following ileal pouch surgery has been an interest of mine, and here is a link to our publication of a paper about this.

A recent publication is about pouch surgery for constipation, published in Archives of Disease in Childhood; here is a link to the abstract.

The journal also published two editorials commenting on my research, one from a paediatrician, and one from a surgeon.

In March 2011 I have published a study of survival following fundoplication; here is a link to the article in the British Journal of Surgery.

I have updated and improved my page showing survival after oesophageal atresia surgery.

October 2013

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