Dr. Chris Petkov

Dr. Yukiko Kikuchi

Dr. Ben Wilson

Dr. Lauren Dean

Adam Attaheri

Alice Milne

Heather Slater

Ross Muers

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The Group

Dr. Chris Petkov, Group Leader;
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Catherine Perrodin
Currently at University College London (Bendor lab)
Project: Neurobiology of face/voice processing
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Dr. Yukiko Kikuchi, Research Associate
Project: Adaptation and attention; Neurophysiology of Artificial Grammar Learning
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Ben Wilson, Research Associate
Project: Neuroimaging of Artificial Grammar Learning E-mail Ben

Lauren Dean, Research Associate
Project: Sequences unchained E-mail Lauren

Adam Attaheri, MRC PhD Student
Project: EEG and LFP components associated with Artificial Grammar Learning
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Heather Slater, PhD Student
Project: Animal Welfare Projects
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Alice Milne, MRC PhD Student
Project: Aphasia and Audio-Visual Project
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Ross Muers, Wellcome Trust PhD Student
Project: Audio-visual Processing and Cognition
E-mail Patrik

Patrik Wikman, Helsinki PhD Student (T. Rinne, Main Supervisor)
Project: Hillo
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Comparative Neuroimaging of Voice Regions - Pascal Belin (Glasgow University)

Neuroimaging of Vocal Components: What's special about a voice? - Asif Ghazanfar (Princeton University, USA) & Roy Patterson (Cambridge, UK)

Newcastle - Finland: - with Teemu Rinne, Emma Salo & Heather Slater @brain website