The wedding of Valerie and Simon
Walton Hall, West Yorkshire, 28th November 1998.

Photos from Chris Petrie.
The photos were restored using disk space on "redhotant", 21st December 2000 but that has disappeared.

Valerie and Simon (rather close to Ilkley Moor baht 'at) with "the quilt" - a specially commissioned wedding present made by Anna Briggs.
More new (2i99) pictures
Simon's speech The Best Man The Bridesmaids Simon. Valerie, Alex, Jo, Joan The bridge
Katy and Alex with Kath and Carolyn Paula, Jo and Katy Ann and Jennifer Ann, Nick, Paula and the sundial Ann and Chris

The pictures below are those that were here on 3rd December 1998. They were removed on December 1999 then restored (December 2000) then removed again. The following is crrently irrelevant:
Please let me know if any pictures fail to load or if you have any other problems with this page

This page shows a few photographs from a set which has been sent to Jennifer.
Each small picture is linked to a larger version The files are mostly from 60K to 80K in size.

The stars of the show - Sorry, Simon.
Valerie Jennifer Kathryn

Assorted groups
The bride's family
plus Simon
Friends of the
happy couple
Sisterly advice
at the feast

Simon gets a look-in here
With the bridesmaids Simon and Valerie Valerie

Hungry Jake and his mother.


Other Photographs taken or displayed by Chris - nothing to do with family weddings!

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