We should do more
(but not all)
teaching online

UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a medium-sized research university that contributes to knowledge-based developmentat the regional, national and international level. Employees: 3 400. Students: 16 000. 8 bigger and smaller campus. 4 minor study spots. Region: 0,7 million people. Area: 113 000 km². Distance Mo-Kirkenes: 1 390 km –860 miles
Slide by Kjell Birger Hansen

Flipped learning

Students watch pre-recorded lecture videos

PiP time used for discussion


With this many learners, who needs an instructor?


Algebra 2 page from khanacademy.org



Sharing resources

Google search for 'I hate blackboard'. About 5,090,000 results.
Course material in a Canvas module. Lecture notes, excerpts from a textbook, videos and a quiz

Automatic feedback

(Not just automatic assessment)

Numbas question with one part containing a table of calculations to fill in, followed by a multiple-choice part to test understanding
Numbas question with a choice of next steps
Screenshot of Parable of the Polygons
A Geogebra exercise showing angles in a triangle
GeoGebra material by Tim Brzezinski
A section of Andreas Vohns's course including a video, an interactive timeline and a table of contents
Geschichte der Mathematik Lektion 07, by Andreas Vohns