Conor Lawless

Research interests

I am a mathematical biologist and I work as a research scientist in the Lydall lab which is part of the the Institute for Cellular & Molecular Biosciences at Newcastle University. I have quite a wide range of interests, but currently I work on cell-population studies of ageing phenotypes (e.g. cellular senescence and growth defects in response to telomere uncapping and DNA damage). I use and develop computational and mathematical tools to describe and predict the growth of model biological systems such as cultured yeast and human cell lines.

I have developed several computational tools for genome-wide screening of microbial cultures which are used successfully in the lab and in Newcastle University's high-throughput screening facility bioHT.



I run a short, introductory course on Python for postgraduate students in Newcastle University medical school. The course materials are freely available here.


My publication list can be found on a separate page here, but for a more up-to-date list, it is better to look at my Google Scholar profile.

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Last updated: October 2014