Prof Darren Wilkinson Professor of Stochastic Modelling
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics
Newcastle University

Personal / Brief bio

I was educated at the University of Durham, where I did a degree in Mathematics (graduating with First Class Honours and a year prize), followed by a PhD in Statistics. My PhD involved developing the theory and applications of Bayes linear methods, under the supervision of Michael Goldstein. My "PhD ancestry" can be traced back via my entry in the Mathematics Genealogy Project (I am a direct descendant of many of the great mathematicians, statisticians and computing scientists from history, including Lindley, Barnard, Church, Poisson, Laplace, etc.).

After a year as a research associate at Durham, I took up my Lectureship at Newcastle in 1996, was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2003, and then to Professor in 2007. I obtained my first research grant relating to Systems Biology in 2000. It was a funded under the BBSRC/EPSRC Bioinformatics initiative, and was awarded to myself, Tom Kirkwood and Richard Boys, to develop Bayesian inference methods for stochastic kinetic genetic network models. Since then, I have had several large grants in this general area (mainly funded by the BBSRC), and this area is still the main focus of my research. My textbook on Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology was published in 2006. During 2007 I spent three months visiting SAMSI in North Carolina, where I led a subprogramme on Biological Models within a large research programme on the Design and Analysis of Complex Computer Models. I had a 3 year University Research Fellowship from 2005-2008 to enable me to engage full-time in several Systems Biology projects taking place in the University (especially CISBAN and the SBRC). From 2008-2011 I had a 3 year BBSRC Research Development Fellowship. Further details about this can be obtained from my page of research interests. I returned to SAMSI during the Spring of 2011, where I participated in a programme on the Analysis of Object-Oriented Data. During this time I prepared a second edition of my textbook.

Although MathSciNet gives my Erdos number as no more than 4 (DJW -- M Goldstein -- AFM Smith -- SJ Taylor -- PE), the link between AFMS and SJT is tenuous. I do know that my number is no more than 5, however, via several different routes (including DJW -- M Goldstein -- AH Seheult -- JW Tukey -- AH Stone -- PE).

Darren J Wilkinson Book: Stochastic Modelling for
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