Prof Darren Wilkinson Professor of Stochastic Modelling
School of Mathematics & Statistics
Newcastle University

Future developments

BAYES-LIN is an ongoing project (but see below). Here is an outline of the kind of things to expect in future releases. I intend to leave BAYES-LIN dormant for a little while. If you use it, and like it, and would like me to move the above tasks further up my priority list, email me to tell me! At the moment I am messing around with some other stuff (see my software page). However, I do intend to continue with development of this package in the not-too-distant future. Ultimately, the whole thing will probably be ported to a fast, efficient compiled language (such as Sather), but not in the near future.

In fact, my library GDAGsim makes BAYES-LIN a bit redundant now (especially if I ever get around to doing a Python front-end for it), and LISP-STAT itself seems to be on the way out, so I may never get around to doing much more with BAYES-LIN...

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