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Enzymatic Fuel Cells   Bioelectrochemical Systems Biosensors    Nanomaterials 

  Current Openings

EPSRC CDT Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU)
         PhD studentship in PhD studentship in Photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction to chemicals and fuels
         IAFRI 2019 PhD studentship in Bioplastic for food packaging

         The aim of this project is to investigate a new means of producing fully biodegradable bioplastics for food packaging using CO2 and Agri-food waste as feedstock. Biosynthesis of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) using Microbial electrochemical systems and genetically encoded routes to tailored PHA polymers will be explored.

Further details please contact Dr Eileen Yu

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  Potential opportunities

Internship Internships are welcome. As there are currently no studentships available, you should bring funding from other sources. For students from Germany or other German-speaking countries, the Bayer scholarship provides funding for study projects, internships, summer courses, preparatory and supplementary study courses, as well as theses and doctoral studies in the UK.
PhD studies If you are looking for an interesting research project, you are encouraged to get in touch with me. Several possibilities for funding exist. There are a number of PhD studentships for international students available from Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme and other sources.

Two-year funding for non-UK residents with follow-on funding for continuing collaboration are provided as Newton Fellowships.
Short-term visits of up to three months can be funded by the British Council Researcher Exchange Programme.

Last updated in February 2019