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Nanomaterials for Bioelectronic Sensors

The use of bioelectronics, especially biosensors, has played a major role in transmitting physical events into direct signals that represents what happens when a material is under investigation. For biosensor results to be accurate, reliable and also for its commercial viability, their sensitivity and transducing property needs to be improved. This also determines their applications in biomedical, environmental, pharmaceutical and quality control purposes. This research aims to develop gold based nanoparticles for improving the sensitivity and stability of biosensors and for biomedical applications such as drug delivery, tissue repair, hyperthermia and magnetic resonance imaging.

This project is sponsored by EPSRC KTA.
Development of Three Dimensional Carbon Nanocomposite
for Biosensing Applications

The aim of the research is to develop an electrochemical based biosensor using ultra low sample volume, with 3D composite nanocarbon materials, for high sensitivity and low cost detection for various healthcare situations, to facilitate early and accurate diagnosis of diseases, and monitor disease progression.

This project is sponsored by EPSRC IAA Phase 2.

Last updated in December 2016