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Dr. Eileen Yu's Research Group is based in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. Our research interests can be broadly defined into two areas.

        Electrochemical, bioelectrochemical systems for
        Energy and Environmental applications

               Electrocatalysis for CO2 utilisation, fuel oxidation, oxygen reduction and pollutant remediation etc.

               Wastewater treatment and resource recovery

               Microbial electrochemical synthesis

               Environmental sensors

               Energy harvesting from waste and renewable energy

               Reactor design and sustainable integrated processes and systems

        Biosensor and Bioelectronics for Biomedical Applications

               Enzymatic fuel cells as power sources for implantable medical devices

               Electrochemical biosensors for diagnosis (with disease biomarkers), monitoring and management diseases/treatment.

The group speciallises in interdisplinary research consisting of electrochemistry, biological science, materials science, biotechnology and electroorganic synthesis. Our research is mainly conducted across two laboratories and we have access to several other facilities, both within the school and the throughout the university.

If you are interested in more information about the Group and our Research, and future collaboration, please Contact Us.

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Last updated in January 2019