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Fei Xia (夏飞)

Qualifications, work experience, and publications

BEng in Industrial Automation, Tsinghua University
MSc in Control Systems, University of Alberta
PhD in Electronic Engineering, King's College, University of London
  I have done various teaching-related work in the Tsinghua, Alberta and London Universities. These include postgraduate TA-ships while in Alberta (1982-84) and London (1991-96) and as full-time Teaching Associate and Lecturer in Tsinghua University (1982-82 and 1986-91). Subjects covered include Control Systems, Programming, Robotics, and Concurrent Systems Architecture. More recently I have been involved in the design of the MSc in Mobile and Pervasive Computing programme at Newcastle University and worked as module leader (lecturer) in two of the modules in this programme.
The subject of my PhD research was Concurrent Real Time Systems with such techniques as MASCOT and Petri nets. I developed systematic methods whereby MASCOT systems can be modelled with Petri nets on all levels, providing a potential formal tool for both high level design specification and low level analysis of elements.
I have been working in academic research full time since late 1996 in Newcastle. Currently I am a Senior Research Associate in EE&CE, Newcastle University. I have worked on a number of EPSRC-funded projects including NEGUS, COHERENT, COMFORT and HADES. I am also CI of the STEP project.
I have been a co-author of a number of project proposals (e.g. STEP and COHERENT), and was instrumental in the successful establishment of a number of others.
The subject area of my research work is asynchronous circuit design and analysis, with emphasis on such issues as circuit and system synthesis, timing heterogeneity and data communications. It has been a fantastic experience working in a great team. Photographs of the silicon from the HADES and COMFORT projects which has been tested to work according to design specifications can be found here.
Selected recent publications of mine.
Please also browse COMFORT publications and COHERENT publications. These include a large number of works of which I am not an author or co-author.
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