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Time rides on, so we keep changing our tyres ( and our bikes ) and try and keep up. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the Quick Quacks. What a thought!

How about this as a new logo for a range of wonderful garments ( I have taken up Dr Glencross's suggestion, so we don't stand on our heads to read it)?

I would suggest we have baseball caps, fleeces ( see suggestions below), polo shirts and possibly rugby shirts.

If you are happy with this new(er) logo, I will contact Express Embroidery and get things moving

If you want to add any details to this page, just Email me, Gary Enever, up here in sunny Newcastle, where the sky is blue  (well, sort of grey ), the hills are green, the beer is Brown and the roads are long, bendy and empty ( apart from those grey box camera things ). I promise to try harder..................

Last edited 19/09/06