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Who am I

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Hi There,
I am Ian Paterson, and I live in the Northeast of England, about 5 miles east of Newcastle upon Tyne; the town is Jarrow and was one of the major industrial towns along the river.I am 21 for the 25th time and have been married for 21 years. I have always been interested in my roots and I live about 90 miles from where my 6th great-grandfather was born and raised in 1667.

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Eilean Donan Castle, one of our favourite places.

If you are reading this then you must be interested in genealogy and particularly the PATERSON's. You will find on these pages information relating to the history of the name and what it means: and especially information that may help you to find your ancestors. If you find a name on the other pages that ties in with your information then we are related. Don't be put off by the spelling of PATERSON, I have living relatives that spell the name with one and two T's.

One story relating to the lack of a 'T' in my name is that last century one of my ancestors was buying a head stone for his dearly departed, when told that each letter of the inscription was two shillings and sixpence he immediately retorted "Haaf a croown, HAAF A CROON, ye na wot, ye can taak wan o thowse 'T's oot", A canny Scot to be sure!

A Brief History

Clan Phaedirean
(Clan Paterson)

Who are the Patersons? Paterson is in its literal sense the Son of Patrick but another variation is that it is a conversion from Clan Faddon. The native home of Clan Phaedirean was on the north side of Lock Fyne where they were formerly numerous. Some say that the Patersons were from Patterdale in Westmoorland, previously Patrickdale, ‘the dale or valley of Patrick’.

Other spellings of the name are Patterson, Patrison, Patonson and just about any spelling of the name that when pronounced is Patterson or Paterson as we know it.

One of the Farquharson genealogies states that “the Patersons in the North” are descended from Patrick, grandson of Ferquhard from whom the Clan Farquharson take there name.

The Paterson's are a sept of Clan MacLaren (Clann MacLabhruinn). It is believed that the members of the clan are descendants of Lorn, son of Fergus MacErc, founder of the kingdom of Dalriada, who arrived in Argyle about 503 AD. The clan seat is in Balquhidder on the eastern end of Loch Voil. The clan slug horn (this is where the term slogan comes from) is Creag un Turic (The Boar’s Rock) which is a small crag just east and above Balquhidder, this is where the clan gatherings were held. It is also believed that the Clan MacLaurin is also of Clan MacLaren, ancient landowners of the isle of Tiree.

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Where Do We or Me Come From

1700s Cottage

Kirtlehead the 'wee' cottage in the borders of Scotland (built about 1700) from where I know I am descended.
At one stage 11 children were raised in this cottage!

So, Margaret and David set up their home, made a living and reared a family on this homesite. There was William, John, and two daughters. One of the girls married a Mr. Smith of the farm of Craighouse, and the other daughter married a Mr. Nelson or (Neilson). The Nelson's had a son William, and a daughter Betty. Betty married Robert Farris (or Farish or Farries) and he was from Crowdieknowe. The Smith's had a daughter who married a Mr. Bell of Minera.

William, their oldest son, married Elizabeth Holliday, and their son David Patterson lived at Crossbankhead. David had two children, William and Janet Patterson of Pockeskine. Janet married James Bell (Mr. Bell was a brother of William Bell of Stockbridge) and they had two girls, Helen T. Bell who married a Mr. Broadbeck, and they had four children, William, John, Margaret and Mary. Margatet Bell married Christ Buchanan, and their daughter Janet married Richard Bell of Linnhall.

JOHN PATTERSON (Paterson), the second son of the Kirtlehead household succeeded his father David to Kirtlehead, and was father of Mungo and Gavin Patterson. Gavin left no sons, he lived to be over 80 years old. Mungo Patterson married Mary Manderson and took over the home place. Mungo and Mary had three children, John, Isabella and Margaret. Now, John being the only son became the occupant of Kirtlehead, he married Jeannie (Jane) Hall, and it is with this family that we all join the relationship, and about this family our story should continue, but a word about the girls: Isabella married a Andrew Thomson, and they had five children, William, Robert, Esther, Peggy and Elizabeth. Margaret married a John Bell, and we have no record of their family. We understand both of these families later moved to America, living in Canada.

Mungo Patterson was born in 1744 and died August 1, 1798 age 54 years, but Grandmother Patterson (Mary Manderson Patterson) b. 1743, she came from Lauderhook in Cornie Water and died at Kirtlehead, December 4, 1828, aged 85 years. She is entered at Tundergarth, 'where most of the forefathers lie'.

May I interrupt here to interpose this information taken from head-stones found in the Tundergarth church yard cemetery.


Mungo Patterson in Kirtlehead who died Aug. 1st, 1798 aged 54 years; also Mary Manderson, his spouse, who died Dec. 4, 1838, aged 85 years; Jane Hall, wife of John Patterson who died at Kirtlehead 7 of Nov. 1857 in the 67th year of her age; also the above John Patterson who died there 18th of Feb. 1865 aged 85 years.

In front of the above monument, flat on the ground this:

Here lies William Patterson, son of David Patterson of Kirtlehead who departed this life Jan. 18, 1734 aged 34 years.

Now reader stay and spend a tear upon the dust that slumbers here,
and as thou reads the test of me think on the glass that runs for thee;
as thou art now so once was I,
beware to die and follow me.

Here lies Elizabeth Holliday spouse to the aforesaid William Patterson. She died July 12, 1758, aged 67 years.

John Patterson was born March 12, 1781 and died in 1865, and Jane Hall was born November 9, 1790, and died November 7. 1857.

They were married November 12, 1813. They had 12 children, Mungo was born September 22, 1814, William, the second son was born July 1815, and died in January of the next year. The third child Jane, born May 17, 1818 and William was the name given to the next son, born March 25, 1820. Then on January 14, 1822 there were twins, Thomas and Andrew. John was the 6th child, born September 6, 1823. Francis (Frank) on September 1, 1825, Mary on June 2, 1827, Daniel on October 8, 1829, James Watson on January 9, 1832, and the last, the baby, on November 28, 1833, she was named Elizabeth.

Now this happy family was visited by Miss Allen of Lowthertown, and she wrote about her visit to the farm in her book "Beauties of the Border," we quote her comment she wrote in 1846 after her visit to the farm.

"The source of the Kirtle is a scene of enchanting delight; the mountains, like pyramids, covered with the fair livery of Spring, where the crystal fountain rises, taking its tour through the silky turf of a narrow valley, from the foot of the everlasting mountains. There I found a handsome cottage (farm), with a beautiful young rising family of shepherds and shepherdesses, with their flocks ranging the valley and the mountains free. There are eight sons and three daughters, with a handsome and graceful looking father and mother. The sons are all fine looking young men, and exceeding handsome; the females, also are nothing short, being both handsome and good-looking. They are very fair amongst the mountains whither I go, and live in great respectability. How delightful to hear them sing the praises of God. The very hills echo, morning and evening, the heavenly sounds of these good and faithful shepherds of Kirtlehead. The pure fountain of peace and love dwelleth amongst them."

Do you know these people

1 David PATERSON Born: Abt 1667 in Dumfriesshire Died: July 27, 1751 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Age at death: 84 est.
+Margaret IRVING Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
...2 William PATERSON Born: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Unknown
...+Elizabeth HOLLIDAY Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
......3 David PATERSON Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
+UNKNOWN Born: Unknown Died: Unknown

...2 John PATERSON Born: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
...+UNKNOWN Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
......3 Mungo PATERSON Born: 1744 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: August 1, 1798 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Age at death: 54 est.
...... +Mary MANDERSON Born: 1745 in Lauder Hook, Cornie Water, Scotland Died: December 4, 1828 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Age at death: 83 est.
......3 Gavin PATERSON Born: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Unknown

...2 Daughter 1 Born: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Unknown
... +SMITH Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
......3 DAUGHTER Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
...... +BELL Born: Unknown Died: Unknown

...2 Daughter 2 Born: Unknown in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Unknown
...+NELSON Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
...... 3 William NELSON Born: Unknown
...... 3 Betty NELSON Born: Unknown
......+Robert FARRIS Born: Unknown

John PATERSON Born: March 12, 1781 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: February 18, 1865 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Age at death: 83 married Jane HALL Born: November 9, 1790 Died: November 7, 1857 in Kirtlehead, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Age at death: 66

Children of John and Jane Paterson
Mungo PATERSONBorn: September 22, 1814Died: July 16, 1906
William PATERSONBorn: July 20, 1815Died: January 1816
Jane PATERSONBorn: May 17, 1818Died: June 11, 1889
William PATERSONBorn: March 25, 1820Died: August 29, 1863
Thomas PATERSONBorn: January 14, 1822Died: November 12, 1878
Andrew PATERSONBorn: January 14, 1822Died: July 4, 1897
John PATERSONBorn: September 6, 1823
Frank PATERSONBorn: September 1, 1825Died: June 19, 1909
Mary PATERSONBorn: June 2, 1827Died: April 25, 1874
Daniel PATERSONBorn: October 8, 1829Died: January 20, 1909
James PATERSONBorn: January 9, 1832Died: July 3, 1914
Elizabeth PATERSONBorn: November 28, 1833Died: 1891

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