HIS211 Cromwell - the man with no plan?

1) In what town was Oliver Cromwell born?

One answer only.

2) When did Cromwell first sit in Parliament?

One answer only.

3) Cromwell's first military command in 1642 was as..

One answer only.
   gunnery officer
   captain of an infantry regiment
   captain of a calvary regiment
   general of the Eastern Association army

4) The New Model Army was created out of three Parliamentary field armies. When?

One answer only.
   March 1643
   August 1643
   November 1644
   January 1645
   April 1645

5) Cromwell's last fighting command was at the battle of Worcester. When was the battle?

One answer only.

6) When did Cromwell dissolve the Rump Parliament?

One answer only.

7) What was Cromwell's title as head of state in 1653?

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8) Cromwell died on 3 September 1658. Which of his two greatest military victories were also fought on that day?

Choose 2 of the following options.
   Marston Moor

9) Who was Cromwell's son-in-law who died in 1651?

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