HIS211 Levellers and Diggers

1) Complete the title of the Levellers' proposal for a new constitution: An Agreement...'

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2) John Lilburne, leader of the Levellers, was sometimes known as:

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   Jack the lad
   John the piper's son
   John born free
   Freeborn John

3) The leader of the Diggers was:

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   Oliver Cromwell
   Henry Ireton
   Thomas Hobbes
   Gerard Winstanley

4) Where did the Leveller-inspired mutiny in the New Model Army take place in 1649?

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5) The first Digger community was set up on..

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   Hampstead Heath
   Wimbledon Common
   St George's Hill, Surrey
   The New Forest

6) Complete this title of the following Leveller Tract: 'England's New Chains..'

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7) The Levellers proposed giving the vote to all adults over the age of 21, other than servants and paupers. Where was this clause debated with the leaders of the New Model Army?

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8) The Diggers were sometimes also know as..

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   true Levellers

9) John Lilburne was imprisoned by Charles I for distributing seditious pamphlets. Who persuaded the Long Parliament to release him in 1640?

One answer only.
   William Laud
   Oliver Cromwell
   John Pym
   Prince Rupert
   Edward Hyde

10) How many political pamphlets did John Lilburne write?

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11) Both Lilburne and Winstanley, towards the end of their lives, became members of a new radical religious sect. Which one?

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