HIS211 Riot, Rebellion, Revolution, British History 1603-1660

Introducing Blackboard

Blackboard is basically a prefab website, which can provide many exciting new features, such as communication tools, email facilities, discussion groups, feedback sites and online quizzes.

Unlike most websites, you have to login to Blackboard with a login id and a password.

For all history Blackboards, your login id is your usual login id, ie. n1234567

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Note that your login id is created by replacing the first digit of your student number with an 'n' and dropping the last digit

Your Riot and Rebellion site should appear as one of your Blackboards when you have logged in. Click here to login to Blackboard:

Blackboard website

The Blackboard for HIS211 is currently under construction. You can explore some of the planned facilities by staying in this site and clicking on the buttons below...