Adding Tables in Word 97

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How to add Tables

How to add Tables to Word Documents. This is easy. Simply place your cursor where you want to insert the table and click on the insert table button . Keeping your left hand down drag the button down and you should be presented with the table you want. Select the appropriate number of rows and columns and let go of the button. You can add or delete rows and columns via the Table menu.
By default tables are not printed with borders. If you want to see black lines and have them printed you must format your table first. You do this by selecting the entire table with Table Select Table, and then from the menu selecting Format Border. Choose Grid and the appropriate thickness of line. Click OK. This should give you printable black grid lines in your table.

You should find the relevant UCS guide on Tables in Word 6.0.

Useful UCS web pages on Microsoft Word and its versions. Do try and pick up the free relevant guides: