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This page is designed to help Groups to construct and write their projects, and to publish them as web pages. To begin with, it is important to ask the right questions about the subject of your project. What period are you interested in? How long should it be?
How to work as a team.
There are a number of problems associated with team work.
One is the allocation of an equal workload. You can organise this as you like, but a few suggestions are:
Divide up responsibilities: projects might consist of 'researchers': those who do literature searches and look up relevant images and graphics; there might be one or two people whose main task is to produce an attractive web page; everybody should be in on the content, but perhaps only a few will do the actual writing, perhaps from notes made by others.
A second problem might be scheduling the work. Work out a timetable for the completion of particular tasks. The entire project has to be finished by end of the semester, before the examinations, on 15th January 2001 before 4pm. Finished means that you must have completed the website, to your satisfaction. Although the content should take priority, do not leave writing the web pages until the last minute. Someone in your group (or more than one) should have a go at writing a few simple pages soon.

Which group am I in?

HIS104 Project Groups 26th September 2000

This is my best guess…

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F Group G

Diseases and epidemics

Not chosen Good deaths Punishment Suicide The body  Bad deaths

Hannah Hinton

Anna Rose Hughes

Matthew Rogerson

Rhonda Twidle

Jo Browne

Vicki Gibson Kate Johnson

Grant Slessor

Olly Royds

Kate Buzzard Monique Coombe Helen Danson Kathryn Smith Harriet Powell

Robert Dunn

Kathryn Stockdale

Jessica Pearson Susan Ingram Emily Colbeck Mathew Hope Ria Snowdon

Helen Dixon

Rob Meek

Belinda Heskett Daniel Gray Sara Bennett (1Eng) Andy Gaskell Gemma Dillon

Tom Grafton

Julian Green

 James Kilduff (1PH) David Nesbit Clare Mcmeel (1Eng) Jamie Hawkins

 Daniel Clemence


 Alice Kahrmann Emma Blanksby Lorna Newton (1Eng)    
Alison Ions Robin Mounsey (1Eng)

Hannah Stanbury



Anyone else who is not yet a member of the exclusive 'Project Groups'  please let me know…

How to construct web pages.
It is not difficult. That is why so many people write web pages. Many of them are not that bright, too, so you lot should have no trouble at all. The best thing you could do NOW is to read the excellent beginner's guide to writing web pages produced by the University Computing Service.


A web page is basically just plain text, with added tags which browsers like Internet Explorer recognise and convert into the web page you see here. If you want to see what this page looks like, pull down View Source from the menu bar in Internet Explorer. To go to a step by step guide to writing webpages using Word 97, click here. The following points need to be remembered:
My first web page 


<H1>My first web page</H1>
My memories of the best lecture I have heard in this University so far. 




  1. Basic HTML UCS guide
  2. UCS guide to Choosing web editing software
  3. How to publish your own web pages

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