Examination of Nehemiah Wallington in Star Chamber, 1638

These be the questions and my answeres in order as well as I can remember:
Question Where doe you dwell and what trade are you.
Answer In little Escheap a turner
Question Have you had the divine tragedy and the newes of epsich.
Answer Yes
Question What bookes eles have you had
Answer The apologie and appeale to the King
Question Where did you see these Books first or in whose hands
did you see them first
Answer I read them first in my one house
Question Hade you the lettany
Answer I know not what that Book is
Question How long agoe is it sence you had them
Answer About a yeere a goe
Question Of whome had you y divine tragedie
Answer Of my brother Wallington
Question Of whom had you the Apologie and appeale to the King
Answer Of an unknown party that brought them to my dove
Question Of whom had you the newes of epsech
Answer I know not of whom, whither of my brother or the other
Question You must answer directly of whom you had it
Answer I doe thinke I had it of the other man for I doe not remember I did se my brother have any
Question To whom have you dispersed any
Answer I did let one Edward Brown see one of them but I sold him non: but being something timorous I had it of him againe and have burnt it
Question Where does he dwell and what trade is tree
Answer He did dwell in little Eschheap a turner, tree was my neighbour
Question Have you any coppies of them at home
Answer No
Question Doe you know who selleth any of them
Answer No
Question Do you know who printed them and what they cost
Answer No I cannot tell that is out of my element
Question Have you sent any of those bookes into the Country
Answer No
Question Have you had any letters out of the country for any
Answer No for I thinke ther was non in the country did know I had any of them.~°