The nitrogen-pair oxygen defect in silicon

F Berg Rasmussen, S Öberg, R Jones, C Ewels, J Goss, J Miro and P Deák
Early Stages of Oxygen Precipitation in Silicon
R Jones
NATO ASI - 3 High Technology
Kluwers Academic Press, Dordrecht

The nitrogen-pair oxygen defect in silicon has been studied by infrared absorption spectroscopy on samples implanted with various combinations of 14N, 15N, 16O and 17O. The measurements give direct evidence for the involvement of nitrogen and oxygen in the defect and show that the impurity atoms comprising the defect are only weakly coupled. Ab initio cluster calculation on several models of the nitrogen-pair oxygen defect have been performed and are compared with experiment. Based on these investigations a model consisting of a bridging oxygen atom adjacent to the nitrogen pair is suggested.

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