Global model of a radiofrequency H2 plasma in DENISE

R Zorat, J Goss, D Boilson and D Vender
Plasma Sources Science and Technology

A global model of a radiofrequency (rf) inductively coupled H2 plasma discharge in the Deuterium Negative Ion Source Experiment (DENISE) has been developed using the numerical code 'Global Model Solver' (GMS). The volume-averaged energy and particle balance equations, along with the quasi-neutrality condition, are numerically solved to determine the averaged densities of all the species included in the model and the electron temperature. The effects of the multicusp magnetic field and of the asymmetry of the source chamber are considered in the model. The values of the volume-averaged electron density and the average electron temperature obtained are compared to experimental measurements in the pressure and input power ranges of interest and a reasonably good agreement is found.

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