The NNO defect in silicon

F Berg Rasmussen, S Öberg, R Jones, C Ewels, J Goss, J Miro and P Deák
Materials Science Forum

Nitrogen-oxygen complexes in silicon have been studied by infrared absorption spectroscopy on samples implanted with various combinations of O and N isotopes as well as O-rich samples doped with N during growth. Local vibrational modes at 805, 999 and 1030 cm−1 (14N, 16O) are directly shown to belong to a defect consisting of a N-pair interacting with an O interstitial. A recently proposed model of this NNO defect is further investigated by ab initio cluster calculations and found to account for the dynamical properties of the defect. A mode around 730 cm−1 predicted by the calculation is observed giving further support to the model.

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