Theory of the NiH2 complex in Si and the CuH2 complex in GaAs

R Jones, J Goss, S Öberg, PR Briddon and A Resende
Materials Science Forum

Spin-polarised local density functional cluster calculations are carried out on substitutional Ni in Si and Cu in GaAs along with TM-H2 complexes. The Jahn-Teller distortion for Ni in Si leads to a slight displacement along <100> in agreement with EPR experiments. Several models of NiH2 are investigated and it is shown that one, with H located at anti-bonding sites to two of the Si neighbours of Ni, has the lowest energy and possesses H related local vibrational modes close to those reported for Pt-H2. A similar structure is found for CuH2 in GaAs. The electronic properties of the complexes are described in terms of the vacancy model of TM impurities.

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