Platelets and the <110>a0/4 {001} stacking fault in diamond

JP Goss, PR Briddon, R Jones and MI Heggie
Physical Review B

Electron microscopy reveals the presence of {001}-platelets in annealed, nitrogen containing diamond. These extended planar defects give rise to a large displacement of the surrounding material, are correlated with luminescence and optical absorption, and are characterized by the B' vibrational band above the one-phonon maximum. A recent proposal for an atomic structure for these defects is made up from a <110>a0/4 shear in the {001}-plane, resulting in C–C double bonds aligned along <001>. We show here that not only is this structure inconsistent with experimental observations, but it is unstable and reconstructs to form a largely passive stacking fault defect which also has properties inconsistent with the platelet.

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