Local Solid Phase Epitaxy of Few-Layer Graphene on Silicon Carbide

E Escobedo-Cousin, K Vassilevski, I Nikitina, N Wright, A O'Neill, A Horsfall and J Goss
Materials Science Forum

Patterned Few-Layers Graphene (FLG) films were grown by local solid phase epitaxy from nickel silicide supersaturated with carbon. The process was realised by annealing of thin Ni films deposited on the carbon-terminated surface of a 6H-SiC semi-insulating wafer followed by wet processing to remove the resulting nickel silicide. Raman spectroscopy was used to investigate both the formation and subsequent removal of nickel silicide during processing. Characterisation of the resulting FLG films was carried out by Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The thickness of the final FLG film estimated from the Raman spectra varied from 1 to 3 monolayers for initial Ni layers varying from 3 to 20 nm thick. AFM observations revealed processinduced surface roughening in FLG films. However, electrical conductivity measurements by Transfer Length Method (TLM) structures confirmed that roughness does not compromise the film sheet resistivity.

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