Optimising the Growth of Few-Layer Graphene on Silicon Carbide by Nickel Silicidation

E Escobedo-Cousin, K Vassilevski, T Hopf, N Wright, A O'Neill, A Horsfall, J Goss and P Cumpson
Materials Science Forum

Few-layers graphene films (FLG) were grown by local solid phase epitaxy on a semi-insulating 6H-SiC substrate by annealing Ni films deposited on the Si and C-terminated faces of the SiC. The impact of the annealing process on the final quality of the FLG films is studied using Raman spectroscopy. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy was used to verify the presence of graphene on the sample surface. We also demonstrate that further device fabrication steps such as dielectric deposition can be carried out without compromising the FLG films integrity.

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