High Temperature Stability of Oxygen Functionalized Epitaxial Graphene/Metal Contact Interfaces

VK Nagareddy, SC Hernández, VD Wheeler, LO Nyakiti, RL Myers-Ward, CR Eddy, Jr, JP Goss, NG Wright, SG Walton, DK Gaskill and AB Horsfall
Materials Science Forum

The electrical characteristics of oxygen functionalized epitaxial graphene and Ti/Au metal contact interfaces were systematically investigated as a function of temperature. As the temperature was increased from 3000 K to 673 K, the contact resistance and the sheet resistance decreased by 75% and 33%, respectively. The resistance of oxygen functionalized graphene vs temperature exhibited Arrhenius type behavior with activation energy of 38 meV. The results showed no hysteresis effects in resistance measurements over the temperatures studied here, suggesting the contact interfaces remain stable at high temperatures.

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