Electrical characterization of epitaxial graphene field-effect transistors with high-κ Al2O3 gate dielectric fabricated on SiC substrates

T Hopf, K Vassilevski, E Escobedo-Cousin, PJ King, NG Wright, A O'Neill, AB Horsfall, JP Goss, GH Wells and M Hunt
Materials Science Forum

Top-gates field-effect transistors have been created from bilayer epitaxial graphene samples that were grown on SiC substrates by a vacuum sublimation approach. A high-quality dielectrica layer of Al2O3 was grown by atomic layer deposition to function as the gate oxide, with an e-beam evaporated seed layer utilized to promote uniform growt of Al2O3 over the graphene. Electrical measurements yielded a rise in the maximum transconductance and a significant shifting of the Dirac point as the operating temperature of the transistor was increased.

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