Facile technique for the removal of metal contamination from graphene

GH Wells, MRC Hunt, T Hopf, V Vassilevski, E Escobedo-Cousin, AB Horsfall, JP Goss,and A O'Neill
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B

Metal contamination deposited on few-layer graphene (3±1 monolayers) grown on SiC(0001) was successfully removed from the surface, using low cost adhesive tape. More than 99% of deposited silver contamination was removed from the surface via peeling, causing minimal damage to the graphene. A small change in the adhesion of graphene to the SiC(0001) substrate was indicated by changes observed in pleat defects on the surface; however, atomic resolution images show the graphene lattice remains pristine. Thin layers of contamination deposited via an electron gun during Auger electron spectroscopy/low energy electron diffraction measurements were also found to be removable by this technique. This contamination showed similarities to "roughened" graphene previously reported in the literature

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