Density functional calculations of carbon substituting for Zr in barium zirconate

M Al-Hadidi, JP Goss, OA Al-Ani, PR Briddon and MJ Rayson
Journal of Crystal Growth

Oxide perovskites such as BaZrO3 possess many significant properties which render them useful in many technological and scientific applications such as sensors, optoelectronics, laser frequency doubling and high capacity memory cells. Several methods are used to grow BaZrO3 crystal, and organic species that may be present during growth lead to carbon contamination. We have investigated, using density-functional theory, the role of carbon impurities on the structural, electrical and electronic properties of carbon substituting of Zr in cubic barium zirconate. The local vibrational modes of the defect centre has been calculated and we suggest it is a feasible route to experimental identification.

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