Structures illustrating diamond structure and diamond surfaces for CHY2002.

In the following structures, the grey atoms are carbon and the white are hydrogen. For pure carbon surfaces, the surface sites may be identified by a blue colour. To view the structures you need Java to be enabled.
The carbon tetrahedron of the diamond structure. A cubic section of diamond. Cut for (100)-oriented diamond surface. Blue sites are at the surface carbon (they are not nitrogen!). Animation (click on window with right mouse button) shows (2x1) reconstruction.
(2x1) hydrogen terminated (100)-oriented diamond surface. (1x1) di-hydrogen terminated (100)-oriented diamond surface. (1x1) di-hydrogen terminated (100)-oriented diamond surface reducing steric interaction by canting the hydrogen.
(2x1) "clean" (111)-oriented diamond surface. The pi-bonded chains on the surface are shown in blue (they are not nitrogen!). (1x1) mono-hydride terminated (111)-oriented diamond surface. Mono-hydride terminated (110)-oriented diamond surface.