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Final Year Projects

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Oral presentation

Assessment objectives

The objective is to demonstrate that the student can effectively convey the essence of their work in the kind of very short timescale which is available in a business or industrial context. Examiners will be listening for evidence of real understanding of the problem and achievement in pursuing the Project objectives and students will be expected to focus on these aspects rather than routine accounts of work carried out.

Presentation examination procedure

Students will make their Oral Presentations in groups (to assist in the moderation process) to Panels of Examiners at a time fixed during the End-of Semester 2 Examination Period. Examiners will normally ask a few questions after each Presentation. The Panel will agree an Oral Presentation mark for each student.

Oral presentation requirements

The Oral Presentation must:

No handouts will be allowed.

The Presentation must indicate what the main conclusions of the Project were and (briefly) how they were arrived at. Over-running in time, number of slides or unallowed aids will be penalised.

Students should avoid over-elaboration and excessive use of graphical or audio-visual effects in their slides (especially when using Powerpoint), as these frequently distract from the technical message being conveyed and will not lead to higher marks. It is a mistake to make the Presentation simply an oral version of the written Final Report, and certainly unwise to put too much content on slides. The limitation on the number of slides is intended to match the delivery time allowed and not to encourage dense and unreadable slides. Examiners will be looking for effective communication within the constraints set.