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Guidelines on Stage 3/4 Projects



You are required to keep a record of all the work you do on your project. You will keep this record is your project diary.

You are used to keeping records of lab work in a lab diary. Your project diary is just an extended version of the same thing. It is a record of everything you do on your project, kept in a single place so that you do not loose anything.

As with the lab diary, you must write down all your results, but that is not enough. You must also record the work that you intend to do, your thoughts on the results you obtain, your progress measured against your project plan, any changes to your plan, etc.

Your supervisor will expect to see your project diary from time to time, so it must be kept tidily or he will not be able to follow it. It will also provide a valuable record of the detail of your work if another student needs to take it further next year. Most importantly from your point of view, the project diary will form your main source of information when you come to write up the final report (dissertation). A well kept project diary will make the write-up process relatively painless.

There will be a mark allocated for the project diary at the end of the project. BAR Contents | Introduction | Timetable | Project Plan | What is Expected of You | The Project Diary | The Dissertation | Marking Scheme | Notes on Writing a Dissertation BAR

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