SEL1007: The Nature of Language

End-of-semester arrangements

Lecture 11 marks the end of formal teaching for this module: there are no seminars that week and no further lectures or seminars in the remaining two weeks of the semester. Instead, the timetabled lecture and seminar hours will be used for consultation and feedback on the mid-term essays, and in preparation for the final essays. Specifically:

1. In general, if you have any queries about any aspect of the module, see Joel at any one of the scheduled lecture / seminar times.

2. With particular reference to the mid-term essay, if the comments say something like 'Wonderful!' or 'Exactly what's required', then you've done good work and we have no criticisms worth making; there's no need to come and see us to discuss the essay, though you're welcome to come along if you want to talk about your work. If you are asked you to come and see one of us as part of the essay feedback, it's because there's some aspect of the essay that could be improved and we want to make sure you understand what's required. The motivation here is benign: none of us bites.