Joel C. Wallenberg

About Me:

Image I am currently Lecturer in the History of English at Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, and a Principle Investigator at Newcastle's Centre for Behaviour and Evolution (CBE). A few years ago, I was an NSF post-doctoral fellow at the University of Iceland, where my collaborators and I built a syntactically parsed, diachronic corpus of Icelandic,

  • The Icelandic Parsed Historical Corpus (IcePaHC)
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    I received my Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania, and my dissertation was on scrambling, the Antisymmetry Hypothesis, and syntactic change (especially in Germanic). It is entitled Antisymmetry and the Conservation of C-Command: Scrambling and Phrase Structure in Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective.

    Take this little baby. He doesn't know shit about social stratification.
    --William Labov, p.c.

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