The Modelling Framework Representation (MFR)
The Modelling Framework Representation: Overview of the work to date
  • Designed and implemented an information system
    • Modelling Framework as an information system
    • Production of demonstration software
  • Incorporation of traceability within the framework
    • Developed a generic methodology, that allows traceability between emerging high level properties and low level properties, both upwards and downwards
  • Devised a methodology for managing knowledge within the framework
    • Makes use of the above trace facilities to track design decisions
    • Allows the search, identification and use of previous design decisions
  • Production of an initial deployment plan
    • A initial view of how a deployed version of the framework will look and operate when implemented
Modelling Framework defines and represents both physical and modelling domains
Conceptual view of the Modelling Framewok Representation
A simplified overview of the framework concept is shown in below. This highlights a sub-system, which represents a product system. Each sub-system contains a number of components. The components are designed to represent external entities such as models. Where models do not exist they can be represented by an aggregation of components that do rep-resent models.

Components contain collections of objects, which deal with the modelling repre-sentation. These hold and transfer properties via links with other components and evaluate. They also handle data from represented models or other sources external to the framework such as test or real time data.