Archaeology: an Introduction - 4th Edition 2002
The Online Companion


Welcome to the electronic companion to the fourth edition (2002) of Archaeology : An Introduction - an introductory book about archaeology for students, or anyone else who would like to start learning about the subject. The book is by Kevin Greene, a Reader in Archaeology at Newcastle University in the UK.

         This site was last updated in 2008.


         A new website with additional learning resources, created to accompany the 5th edition of Archaeology: an introduction (2010, still published by Routledge, cowritten by Tom Moore) was launched in September 2010 at

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This site contains links to web resources, archives and documents that relate to areas covered by the 2002 fourth edition of this book. They are organised according to the book's chapters and headings. Obviously not all of the section headings have directly useful WWW links, but I have left them in place to allow additions. The menu on the left of your screen is there to help you navigate your way around the site. If you are using a particular chapter of the book, you can quickly find links related to the section you are reading. Otherwise, you can browse through the chapter headings to find the subject you want. The old website supporting the 1995 edition has now been removed because so many links were dead or out of date.