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Updated: 28 Jan 09


The Homepage of Professor Paul Christensen

Science underpinning Engineering



Welcome to the home page of Professor Paul Christensen, Chair of Pure and Applied Electrochemistry


Telephone +44 (0) 191 222 5472

The research carried out in my group in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials seeks to tackle scientific problems of fundamental social and economic significance and the global challenges that we perceive as being critical in the early years of the 21st Century are water and the environment and energy, and these are the primary themes of my research. I see my electrocatalysis, photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis research as providing the key science to underpin engineering solutions to the targetted problems.

In past projects, it has been clear that the understanding of the key processes taking place at the electrode (ie.  electrocatalyst or photoelectrocatalyst) surface has been insufficient to allow the problem to be addressed effectively.  This has usually been due to the fact that the conventional techniques employed have failed to provide the necessary information on mechanism etc., or have provided information of insufficient quality.  Hence, to achieve my research goals I have followed two parallel approaches: (1) the development and application of techniques capable of providing molecular information on a range of electrochemical reactions (eg. in-situ Fourier Transform Infra- Red Spectroscopy) and (2) the incorporation of this information into the design of improved reactors or devices.   Overall, this approach has required that I collaborate with a wide range of engineers and scientists both at home and abroad, and I have assembled a number of project teams and consortia having the necessary breadth of expertise, which have crossed interdisciplinary boundaries, and have proved highly successful.

I am commercialising my knowledge, expertise and Intellectual Property on water treatment through Clarizon Limited. In addition, I have provided consultancy expertise to national and international companies in a wide range of areas concerned with electrocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis including: fuel cell research and development, water treatment and corrosion of sea-going vessels.

I am the Business Facilitator for the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials - please feel free to email/ring me should you wish to see the expertise and services the School can offer.



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