Experiences of metal on metal hip joint replacement

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Dear participant

This questionnaire is for people who have had at least one metal-on-metal hip joint replacement and who know what model of joint (eg: ASR, Pinnacle, BHR, Duron) they have. If you wish to know what model of joint you have, please contact your surgeon.

Thank you for taking part in our effort to hear and document patients' experiences with metal hip replacements. Through this questionnaire we aim to learn more about your views on the hip replacement(s) you have received; about your expectations, concerns and future outlook living with the device.

We do so for two reasons
(1) to help make your stories heard
(2) to draw on your views to inform on-going and future research on metal hips so we can work towards improving devices and systems for the future.

Please answer the questions in this survey as honestly as you can. There are no right or wrong answers, we want to know your personal views on living with a hip replacement.

Some of the basic information is mandatory but after that you can miss out any questions which you do not wish to answer.

Please note that your responses will be treated confidentially. By completing and submitting the questionnaire you consent to us using your data for the purposes of this study. If you submit the questionnaire anonymously, you will not be able to withdraw your data.

If you would like to ask questions about taking part in this research, please contact us: metalhip@ncl.ac.uk

Many thanks
Dr Thomas J Joyce, Dr Matthias Wienroth, Dr Pauline McCormack
Newcastle University

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