Neurodynamics of Higher-Level Cognitive Behavior

Special Session at IEEE/INNS IJCNN 2006 Conference July 21, 2006

Organizers: Robert Kozma (rkozma<@> and Leonid Perlovsky (Leonid.Perlovsky<@>


This special session address dynamical aspects of higher cognitive functions. Dynamical neural networks with encoding in limit cycle and non-convergent attractors have gained increasing popularity in the past decade. Experimental evidence in humans and other mammalians indicates that complex neurodynamics is crucial for the emergence of higher-level intelligence. This special session intends to give forum to specialist working in various research areas related to dynamics of cognition, including experimental studies, dynamical modeling and interpretation of cognitive experiments, and theoretical approaches. Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  Spatio-temporal dynamics of neural correlates of higher-level cognition
  Experiments on dynamical aspects of cognition
  Interpretation of normal and abnormal cognitive behaviors
  Dynamical neural memories, including K sets, discrete approaches, cellular NNs
  Mathematical and physical models of cognition




Steven Bressler

Walter J. Freeman

J.A. Scott Kelso,

Emmanuelle Tognoli

Robert Kozma

Dan Levine

Colin Molter

Hugues Bersini

Leonid Perlovsky

Emilio Hernandez

Renan Vitral

Jin Zhang


Materials of the Session are to be published in a Edited Volume.


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