How to ask for two beers in lots of useful languages

For those of you planning foreign trips. No responsibility is taken for accuracy of translation or any trouble you may get into if your pronunciation is wrong!

Thanks to Nathan for providing this info (it's all his fault!)

English : Two beers, please

Romanian : Doua beri, va rog

German : Zwei bier, bitte

Spanish : Dos cervezas, por favor

French : Deux bieres, s'il vous plait

Greek : Dhio birres, parakalo

Portuguese : Eu queria duas cervejas por favor

Russian : Dve piver, pajalsta

Hebrew : Shtey Bi'rot, be'va'ka'sha

Finnish : Kaksi olutta, kiitos

Maltese : Due parabira, de nariella

Alsatian : Zwei ber won's belebt

Danish : To oele, tak. (Toe oo-lah, tack.)

Norwegian : To oel, takk

Czech : Dve piva, prosim

Welsh : Dau cwrw os gwelwch yn dda (dye cooroo os gwelook un thar)

Albanian : Dy birra, ju lutem

Italian : Due birre, perfavore

Chinese : Qing gei wo, liang bei pijiu

Japanese : Biru nihon kudasai

Luxembourgish : Zwee beier, wan echgelift

Afrikaans : Twee bier asseblief

Dutch : Twee bier alstublieft

Cantonese : Leung booi bakyu

Icelandic : Ver suo god, eg vil tvaer ol

Korean : mek ju two gay, chu say oh (phonetic)

Vietmanese : xin vui long cho toi hai chai bia (accent marks left out)

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