1970 Floor Plan of Computer Room.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2003.81 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 15.6.1970 Ser. No: - Model: -
Comp: - Width: 380 mm Depth: mm Height: 303 mm Weight: 15 g

This COMPUTING LABORATORY FLOOR PLAN drawn 15th June 1970 by P.J.F. Edwards was
part of the planning for the installation of the IBM system 370/168 computer.

The computer room is L shaped having a false floor of 2ft square floor tiles.
The size was 54tiles/108ft/33m x 33tiles/66ft/20m. It was designed to contain two mainframe computers,
the old one being phased out and the new one being phased in.

The existing computer was the IBM System 360/67 computer on the right hand side of the plan.

The proposed IBM System 370/168 computer is on the left hand side and shows more detail of the cabinets,
particularly the clearances required to open the cabinet doors and the gates within the cabinets.