Virtual Museum

At Newcastle University we have a collection of computing artefacts
dating back to the Ferranti Pegasus in (1957-1963 6years),
and the English Electric KDF9 (1963-1974 9years).
But most date from when an IBM System 360 Model 67 Computer
was installed at the university. (1967-1984 17years)
Others are from the IBM System 370/168 (1975-1984 9years)
and last the Amdahl 5860 (1985-1992 7years).

Because there are a lot of photographs the modus operandi
is to present thumbnail size photos which when clicked on presents
a better size photograph, 600 pixel wide, and descriptive text.
Sometimes clicking on the 600 pixel photograph produces a fullsize one.
The fullsize photograph is typically 2500 pixels wide and will be bigger
than your screen. If you have a ⊕ cursor you can position it over
a point in the image you want to see magnified and left click the mouse button.
In the magnified image you will have a ⊖ cursor which when left clicked
will take you back. In this way you can explore the FULLSIZE image.
Alternatively you can use the scroll bars.
To escape from a fullsize view use the web browser button.

We have ten showcases on view at the moment:
Firmware - The programming between software and hardware.
Core Storage - Random Access Memory before chips.
I/O Media - Input to, and output from computers before keyboards and screens.
DASD - Direct Access Storage Devices, now known as Hard Drives.
Floppy Disks - Floppy disks were removeable disk drives.
Circuitry - Now known as mother boards and graphics cards.
Magnetic Tape - A storage media that predated disk storage.
Planning documents. - These paper documents have survived.
Network Diagrams - These paper documents have survived.
Microcomputers - took over from mainframes.

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Sometime we would like to find a safe haven for the collection.