Ph D Students

Name Project Status
Jon Tuck Design of Coatings and Coated Structures Completed 2001
Isabel Arce-Garcia Mechanical Properties of CNx Completed 2002
Hua Lin Automated Garment handling Completed 2002
Adrian Oila Micropitting of gears Completed 2003
Sorin Soare Residual stress in aluminium metallisation Completed 2004
Eva Gutierrez-Berasetegui Nanoindentation of coatings Completed 2004
Jose Fernandez-Palacio Mechanical properties of novel fullerene-like materials Completed 2006
Piotr Dobrosz Raman spectroscopy stress measurement of strained Si/SiGe Completed 2006
Jinju Chen Indentation fracture of optical coatings on glass Completed 2006
Krishna Belde Mechanical damage mechanisms of solar control coatings on glass Completed 2006
Reza Rastegar Tohid Indentation of zinc: crystallographic and time-depdendent effects Completed 2008
Lisa Sanderson Tip enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of strained Si/SiGe Completed 2012
Kazeem Adewole Modelling the effect of defects on the mechanical properties of armour wires Completed 2011
Jeet Varia (with Professor S Roy) Bioelectroremediation strategies for metal contaminated water Completed 2012
Pier Paolo Greco (with Professor G Akay) Mechanical response of porous PolyHiPE materials Completed 2014
Raman Kapoor (with Dr S.H. Olsen) Scanning capacitance microscopy of defects in semiconductor devices Completed 2013
Noushin Moharrami Indentation response of copper coatings; the role of microstructure and testing procedure Completed 2014
Chi Lung (with Dr A. Oila) Modelling of failure in gear steels Completed 2016
Deepa Thumbarathy Development of high surface area polyHIPE materials Completed 2017
Mohammed Kadhim (with Dr A. Oila) Characterisation of a nanoporous polymer for water treatment Completed 2017
Hasan Gonabadi (with Dr A. Oila) Materials and modelling ot tidal turbine systems Completed 2018
Silas Mulaudzi Barriers to renewable energy take-up in South Africa Completed 2018
Murhamdilah Morni Mechanical response of nanoporous and gel materials Current
Pengfei Duan (with Dr J. Chen) Indentation testing of biomaterials Completed 2018
Phuet Prasertcharoensuk (with Dr A. Pham) Gasification of waste for hydrogen production Completed 2019
Abbas Al-Gburi Novel materials for the removal of water from crude oil Submitted
Ahmed Alibraheemi Desulphirisation of crude oil using PolyHIPE Current
Paul Jackson Design of future-proofed pig production units Submitted
Michael Chadwick Liquid metal embrittlement of steel and pure iron wires Current

MPhil Students

Name Project Status
Tae-Yeon Lim Durability of welded and weld-bonded structures Competed
Karen Shapiro Micropitting of WC/C coated carburised steel Completed 2003
Ankur Srivastava Disposal strategies for milled GRP Completed
Jaspreet Gill Structure and properties of hiererchical foams Completed

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Name Project Dates
Dr Ian Gilbert Soft Magnetic Composites 1999-2001
Dr Thomas Malkow Mechanical Properties of CNx 1998-2000
Eva Gutierrez-Berasetegui Fracture toughness and adhesion of coatings on glass 2003
Dr Adrian Oila

Sliding/rolling wear of inorganic fullerene coatings

Atomistic modelling of coated systems

Modelling materials performance for tidal turbine blades




Jinju Chen Multiscale modeliing of the mechanical response of coated glass 2006-2009
Dr Noushin Moharrami Modelling materials performance for tidal turbine blades 2014-2016
Hasan Gonabadi

Modelling materials performance for tidal turbine blades

Mechanical response of energy materials



Visiting Scientists

Q. Zhou (November 1999 to April 2000) - Tribology of coatings and surface treatments for the protection of screws and barrels of polymer injection moulding machines

A. Salehi (November 2004 to September 2005) - Tribology of nitrogen implanted chromium electroplate

Arti Yadav (January 2017 to date) - Mechanics of thin coated systems

Summer Students

James Diebel - Summer student 1998

James worked in Britain under the auspices of the British Universities North America Club (BUNAC). He was a 3rd year undergraduate student (Junior) of Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison and graduated in December 2001 (after 4.5 years). At UW--Madison he worked for the PSII (Plasma Source Ion Implantation) research group.

Katarina Horvathova - IAESTE Trainee 1999 - Tribology of Polymers and Composites

Andreas Tesch - IAESTE Trainee 2000 - Mechanical Properties and Tribology of CNx

Piotr Dobrosz - IAESTE Trainee 2001 - Nanoindentation of soft Materials

Hady Joumaa - IAESTE Trainee 2002 - Characterisation of thin carbon coatings and polymer tubes

Kundan Jeswani - Newcastle University summer student 2017 - Mechanical properties of hydrogels

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