Professor Steve BULL

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Cookson Group Chair of Engineering Materials

Bedson Building,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU
tel. +44 (191) 208 7913

I have been at Newcastle since 1996 when I moved from AEA Technology, Harwell. At the time I moved I was running most of the engineering coatings activities at Harwell and carrying out contract research in a range of areas including: new tribological coatings (DLC and diamond), materials for use at high temperature, visual appearance of automotive paint systems, surface preparation for adhesive bonding and 3D surface topography assessment.

My main current research interests are: coatings and surface treatments, elasticity, plasticity and fracture of layered materials,  mechanical behaviour of multilayer optical coatings and microelectronic materials, contact mechanics, tribology of coated systems, surface topography, microfracture and fatigue of gears, mechanical repsonse of porous materials, sustainable materials processing (reducing the energy required for material extraction, conversion and recycling), very thin coatings by atomic layer deposition and deposition from anionic liquids. I am particularly interested in developing mechanical failure models for functional materials used in, for instance, lithium ion batteries, photovoltaic devices and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Much of my current work is focussed around the understanding of the mechanical response of multilayer coated systems tested by nanoindentation.

Enquiries about joining the research group, as a Ph.D. student, research assistant or post-doc, are all welcome!



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