MMM314 High Speed Internal Combustion Engines


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Table of Contents

MMM314 High Speed Internal Combustion Engines

Materials for Internal Combustion Engines

Cylinder Block: Requirements

Cylinder Block Materials

Cast Irons

Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram

Cast Iron Types

White Cast Iron

Grey Cast Iron

Cast Iron Types II

Ductile Cast Iron

Malleable Iron

Typical Cast Iron Compositions

Grey Cast Iron - Properties

SG Cast Iron: Properties

Cast Iron: Stress-Strain

Why cast iron engine blocks?

Why aluminium engine blocks?

How can we use aluminium engine blocks?

Aluminium Casting Alloys

Al Casting Alloys: BS1490

Al Casting Alloys: Temper Designations

Al Casting Alloys: Strength

Why Does Casting Process Affect Mechanical Properties?

Cylinder Liners

Al-Si Phase Diagram

Liner Failure: Outline Calculations

Casting Processes

Centrifugal Casting Process

Advanced Castings: Cosworth Process

Cosworth Process

Cosworth Process (cont)

Cylinder Head


Aluminium Pistons

Squeeze casting

Ceramic Pistons?

Piston rings

Hardness of Chromium Plate

Piston Ring Designs


Wrought Steels


Connecting rod

Inlet and exhaust valves

Valve Materials

Valve Tensile Strength

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