Automotive Tooling


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Table of Contents

Automotive Tooling

Tooling Applications

Coated Tool Processes/Applications

Forming tools: Coating Requirments

Cutting Tools; Coating Requirements

Plastic Moulding Tools; Coating Requirements

Press Tools

Electroplating of Press Tools

Electroplating Press Tools II

Brush Plating

Cutting Tools: History

Cutting Tool Failure Modes

Tool Failure Mechanisms

Coating Thickness

Chemical Vapour Deposition

CVD Plant

CVD Tool Substrates

CVD Tool Coatings

Resistance of Various CVD Coatings to Wear

Effect of Cutting Speed

Temperature Contours

What Controls Tool Temperature?

Tool Life: Effect of Coating Type

Typical Tool Architecture

Low Temperature CVD

Plasma Assisted CVD

Physical Vapour Deposition

PVD Processes

Advantages of PVD

Ion Plating

Commercial PVD Processes

Balzers Process

Tecvac Process

Arc Evaporation

Magnetron Sputtering

Substrates for PVD

PVD TiN and Drill Design

Ion implantation

Benefits of Ion Implantation

Applications of Ion Implantation

Author: Steve Bull


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